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Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

My house

Hi guys my name is Fira. 

I want to introduce my house. My house is in Jalan Bhayangkara Raya No.98. When  you went  to my house,  open the door and you can see a big clock and if you saw in your right, there is a living room sometimes when  my family’s guest went to my house they always sit here and we give them drink and food to eat while we are talking. Next turn left you can see a big table in my house.  My family always treat that area as a family’s room so if we wanted to spending time with family, we will go there. At that area we have a lot of big chairs to sit. Next,  you go along and turn right you can meet my room and when you opened the door you can see my computer and on the left you can see my big bed and on your right you can see my clothes drawer. Next we go along and we can see my aunt’s room where I always watch TV programme . Next you go along  and turn left you can meet my kitchen, in there if I felt hungry I always go there to take some food. Next we go to 2nd floor, on there you can meet a big television and you turn left you can meet my uncle’s room near that is a mushola, rest room and a dry room, near that we can see my grandma’s room. Okay, I think that’s enough.   Thank you for your attention.

By : Laily Syahda Fahira

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sesaya wibowo mengatakan...

Nice house laily, but I think its Palace.. So let's me call "Laily palace"

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