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Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

All about my WORDS

Which were the most powerful in you? if only the longing is a fire, you must already become dust, if disappointed is a storm, so you could have been destroyed, and when your heart imprisoned, it would be difficult to move your feet. In fact, hope makes you become strong, love makes you able to change the world, and faith teaches you to take your first step. Finally, sharing is about you and me..dewi d

The new year is a new chapter tells about you and me...With all the respect, let me be a part of these pages that would leaving a trace so you will still remember and recognize me as someone who is called: " a friend ".....dewi d.

Even a great painter, will never be able to complete the painting on the canvas of life.
Each person who comes and goes, sometimes not give the colors as we requested. So we need to lean on the God almighty for help.
Keep facing your challenges, my friend....dewi d

Although from the little things, I could felt the joy of happiness. No matter that what I have maybe not perfect, but as long as I feel grateful to The God Almighty and I always remember  that I am not alone,
I feel that what I have is complete....dewi d

Make me understand how do we try to avoid the rain but we are not afraid of water. Do you think because the situation and conditions not allow for us, or we refuse contact with the rain. If so, how a blessing we can meet when we are not ready to accept it..dewi d

What kind of attachments that you want me to paste on you when you decide to change from nobody to somebody. Sincere love, full attention and loyalty, could be make you confidence. But
one thing that you must be sure that you always with someone who will help you become better, as a part of your journey...dewi d

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